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MESA-Sabrient Trading Alerts

Sabrient's Mesa and Alpha Trading Alerts just went live last week, and you can follow along by signing up for free trials: SIGN UP HERE FOR 30-DAY FREE TRIAL.

MESA-Sabrient Trading Alerts

Signals generated at end-of-day 6/28/2010 for the open on Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Enter long:  ANEN  FRX  

No long exit signals today

No short entry signals today

No short exit (cover) signals today

Open trade summary:

   Long TAP since 6/23/2010, profit: $ -95
   Long WPZ since 6/21/2010, profit: $ -27

End of report for Monday, June 28, 2010

The MESA-Sabrient Trading Alerts combine the best of both fundamental and technical analysis to provide high-probability trading candidates with precise entry and exit trading signals.

The alerts employ MESA Software's algorithmic system for trading the stocks in the Sabrient Outlook Rankings.The Outlook Rankings reflect each stock’s relative probability of short-term upside or downside action based on Sabrient's proprietary quantitative fundamental analysis. MESA Software produces entry and exit signals for individual stocks from the Sabrient rankings.

NOTE:  New subscribers should ignore the open positions and start their trading with the first entry alert that received.

  • All entry and exit signals are intended to be taken at the next market open.
  • Long signals are generated from the top quartile of the Sabrient Outlook Rankings and short signals are generated from the bottom quartile.
  • Exit signals are also specified for both long and short trades.
  • MESA-Sabrient produces end-of-day trading signals after each market day’s closing bell for execution at the next market open.
  • There are typically open trades of only a few to a dozen or more at any given time, depending on market conditions.
  • The ratio of long trades to short trades, historically, has been about 10:1.
  • Hold times are typically less than one month.

Read more about the Mesa-Sabrient Trading Alerts in The Winners of the Sabrient Technical Challenge Are . . .


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