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Sabrient Select Opportunity Portfolio - Shorting Monstanto

|Includes: Monsanto Company (MON)
Sabrient Select Opportunity Portfolio

July 19, 2010 -  Sell Short MON

The market is giving us a relief rally, but likely has more downside to come. I'd like to add another short position, selling into the market strength.

Monsanto Company (MON) is a worldwide provider of agricultural products for farmers.  It carries a STRONG SELL rating in the Sabrient Ratings Algorithm, a low Company Outlook Score of 4 (out of 100), and Value score of 36, Growth score of 37, and Momentum score of 15. It has badly underperformed the S&P 500 over the past 6 months, but has seen a bit of outperformance over the past two weeks. Today, after showing initial strength, it has settled into negative territory near its lows. This looks like a good spot to short it.

I am adding it as a Short position to the Select Opportunity Portfolio at a price of $55.55.

I'll keep a tight mental stop of a closing price above today's intraday high around $57.00. 

Best Regards,

Scott Martindale
Senior Managing Director
Sabrient Systems, LLC  

Ratings Report
MON STRONGSELL 51.2 Large-Cap 41 36 11


Disclosure: none