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Sabrient-PSW-OptionsXpress Deal

Scott Brown at Sabrient has set up a great deal for people who want to subscribe to PSW and/or Sabrient, and open an account at OptionsXpress. The same deal is open for trying or renewing a subscription for PSW. - Ilene 

How to Make Money in Stocks and Still Sleep Well at Night ...

and Get $500! 

In this wild and crazy market of 2010 the Sabrient Investor's (NYSE:H)Edge Portfolio is UP +6.74% YTD while the S&P 500 is DOWN -0.91%! 

The Sabrient Investor's (H)Edge Portfolio is a balanced long/short portfolio which aims protects our subscribers in ALL markets. 


Based on Sabrient's highly predictive Company Outlook Rank, we can identify the fundamentally strongest stocks with the best valuations and the most upside potential, as well as the fundamentally weakest stocks that should lag no matter what the market does. The resulting long/short portfolio lets you capture the performance spread between the longs & shorts. For example:

  • May 6: The Dow dropped almost 1,000 points intraday and closed down -348 points. Our Investor's (H)Edge Portfolio gained +0.75% 
  • June 4: The S&P 500 was down -3.57%, our portfolio gained +1.07% 
  • June 15: The S&P 500 was UP +2.25%; our portfolio gained +1.54% 
  • August 4: The S&P 500 was UP +0.68%; our portfolio gained +1.34%.

It doesn't matter where the overall market goes, because the portfolio is positioned to make money whether it goes up, down, or sideways. A balanced long/short portfolio like Investor's (H)Edge is a great approach to a volatile, unpredictable market.  

Investors' (H)Edge is an equally balanced portfolio, containing 13 long positions and 13 short positions. Every Thursday, David Brown reviews one long and one short, and either renews or replaces the stocks, depending on their current rankings and fundamentals. 

Take a look at the latest selections 
HERE - And click the 2009 Portfolio link on that page to see all the trades from last year. 

Our backtested, forward-tested and time-tested strategies have averaged +34.1% per year since 2000, providing safety in the 2008 meltdown and on virtually every down-market day in the past two years. The Investors' (H)edge portfolio has a beta of .25, an alpha of 28.6% and a Sharpe ratio of 1.36, and is designed to profit from both up and down market moves. 

Take Advantage of a Great Deal . . . $500 from OptionsXpress. 

Open an account at OptionsXpress, and after 20 trades, it will fund your account with $500!

Pay your Special low Subscription rate 
+ Get a $500 deposit from optionsXpress 
= Great Deal! 

Details on how to take advantage of this offer will be provided when you click on the optionsXpress link.




The Sabrient Platinum Subscription:

Investor's (H)Edge Portfolio is part of our Platinum Subscription, which also includes: 

• The Select Opportunity Portfolio, a long/short portfolio for active traders, which is averaging 3.5% per stock trade, with an average holding time in each trade of 16 days. 

• MyStockFinder, a powerful stock search program for finding stocks that match your particular investing requirements, such as stocks with high insider buying or recent analyst upgrades; stocks with high growth rates or strong dividend yields. 

• The Sabrient Ratings Reports that let you see at a glance how Sabrient rates a stock, any stock from our 5,800+ universe, with our 5-level rating system: Strong Buy/Buy/Hold/Sell/Strong Sell. 

• Ten Top 10 Stock Lists that present the top-ranked stocks of the day by cap (Micro-caps, Small-caps, Mid-caps, Large-caps) or by style (Value, Growth, Momentum) or by specialty niche (High Insider Buying, GARP, Hidden Gems). 

For only $37.50 per month or $455 per year, you can have the comfort of knowing you can invest in today's volatile market-because you don't have to care which way the market's headed. You'll make money either way. 

Subscribe to the Investor's (H)Edge Portfolio and Platinum Subscription TODAY!


Scott Brown
Managing Director - Retail Division
Sabrient Systems, LLC


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