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Dollar War in Detail

Anyone out there ever wonder whether the US Government or the MSM are telling the complete truth about the recovery? Here is a link to an interview by Michael Hudson that lays out the real rules of engagement for the current global economic war games. I'll leave you to work who is the real bad boy here.

And before anyone screams in political indignation that this interview was conducted by RT -- Russia Today, please bear with me. To understand the American Government's own mission, perhaps it would be best for you to read Michael Hudson's well-known book "Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire". Hudson has recently updated this old book into a brand new revision called: "Super Imperialism: The Origin and Fundamentals of World Dominance". He is a highly respected American writer and economist who advises world governments and his specialities are economic history and monetary matters. It's not all that surprising then that Hudson, because of his straightforward and honest economic views, is not so much interviewed or seen on US media, which is so tightly controlled or even owned by the financial elite who are the pay-pals of the US Government.

Hudson was also amongst the small handful of American economists who actually managed to predict this current financial mess before it happened and nowhere in any of the autobiographies that I've read have I ever come across any evidence that he has communist leanings. There is only good economics or dumb, self-serving, manipulative economics as the video interview below clearly indicates.

Here is the the link to the video interview and article by Hudson:

Dollar War in Detail

And if you would like further reading on Hudson's assessment -- here is another of his award-winning economic articles:

Effects of the Dollar Glut