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The Fed's Real Foreign Strategy

I was bored and was doing some doodling today and came up with some interesting graphics which specifically denotes and shows how the Fed's FOMC operates, how the Fed lies constantly about inflation and how the Fed so easily controls other world economies using this unique mechanism.

Well, I suppose I should really say "used to be able to control" these foreign economies because all these foreign economies have now become so rapidly educated and aware of the Fed's real predatory economic tactics...

The US Debt/Treasury Cycle Or Why America will Never Need a Trade Surplus

The US Debt/Treasury Cycle  Or How America "manages" her Foreign Debt

So the Fed, by controlling dollar inflation so intimately, is able to both generate credit for the US Govt. and her banks any time they like while -- and again through perpetual inflation -- the Fed can eventually dissolve away America's Foreign Debt at the same time.

Aren't free and unhindered Markets truly wonderful?(sic)