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Bought T

With the sales proceeds from DHT and TCK, I purchased 800 shares of AT&T (NYSE:T). I once said "someday I will buy T and/or VZ" but didn't expect it to be today.

The reason I chose T was because my projected dividends for this year slipped below my target of $24,380 this year with the sale of BP and DHT. I had a comfortable margin with BP and DHT onboard (almost $26K), but those are at risks for dividend cuts anyway. I needed a high yielder but low beta stock. T fit the bill, well "to the T." Ex-div date projected to be 4/6, so the timing is also good.

(Still not bearish on the market yet. This move is to improve the quality of the dividends...)

So as of right now, my projected dividends for this year with T onboard is $24,257, slightly below the target. With likely dividend increases from stalwart positions, it'll most likely wind up above that. And oh year, TROW has been known to throw in special dividends each year if I recall...

My software tells me if there are no dividend increases from today forth, my dividends for NEXT year will be $23,098. That means I'll need to flip a couple more positions to increase my payout. The reason next year will be lower than this year (as it stands) is that the current positions have a lower yield than higher yielding positions sold in the last 3 months where dividends have been collected.

Disclosure: I am/we are long T.