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Savage Markets House Commodity Inflation

Savage Markets House Commodity Inflation
Global commodity markets continue their savage intraday moves, in reaction to the inflationary pressure that has been loaded into global trade as a consequence of US dollar manipulation by the Federal Reserve. Food inflation, agricultural inflation, and commercial commodity inflation abound.

Commodity markets, now cover a gambit that has hard and soft commodities alike hedging moves in the dollar index market, rather than moving higher mainly on global economic expansion signals that can easily reverse the contraction seen in most regions.
With commodities now outside of their historical role of hedging forward commitments, and instead being used as an investment asset class, the intraday volatility is unlikely to abate anytime soon. The pattern of trade continues to be one or two one-hour chart moves that house all of the momentum and price action in any given 24 hour period, on most global commodities

Now is not the time to be looking for new long positions; now is a time to manage what is already open, and then looking for a test of support that offers new buying opportunities.