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Forex Traders Come Of Age

The global traded market, up until the technology revolution in the last two decades, had been detached in regard to the impact of a move in one corner of the globe taking a long time to be felt, if at all, in a reaction in price in another corner. As such traders and investors remained focused on whatever was happening in their regional corner of the world, and had no time, need, or inclination to understand what was happening elsewhere.

That has all changed, and in the new generation world of inter-connected markets a new breed of trader has emerged, one that is leaner, better educated in market nuances, and more prepared to trade overseas commercial moves than ever before.

The new generation, Global Market Trader is here, and is one who will be prepared to invest in stocks and bonds for the long haul, but is switching to the global market to feed their trading appetite.

The pool of independent traders has shrunk, in-line with the contraction of the global economy, and left just those who were already serious about their trading ahead of that recent change. The dreamers who invested cash in ‘quick-rich’ ideas of trading success are gone, and the independent Global Market Traders (GMT) have raised the bar in regard to what they accept as the norm.  

The thirst for actionable data to be easily accessible, and the insistence that they be well supported in their research, is a hallmark of the GMT, along with the acceptance that they will become educated in their field of work as a pre-requisite of having money in the game.

TheLFB has worked tirelessly to service all levels of trader in reaching their educational and financial goals, with the real focus being on the fact that GMT members need access to information in quick time, and after somebody else has done the heavy lifting in regard to research and global market links.

There is a constant move away from day-trading stocks towards the global, futures-like, arena that houses Options, ETF’s, Spot Forex, and many more tradable vehicles. The variety of tradable assets is ever-growing, but right now, the easiest way to trade the spider’s web effect of global market trade, where a pull on one side creates a push on the other, is with forex.

There is no market in the world that reacts the way forex does to inter-related market changes; it really is a market that follows, and rarely leads. Therefore a drop in Japanese equities, that impacts S&P futures trade, will be seen in a correlated move in Usd based pairs, not in eight hours, not when the U.S. market opens, but now; right here, right now.

There are only six pairs that need to be tracked to cover the entire global market trade, and one of the six (Euro, Pound, Aussie, Canadian, Swissy, and Yen) will reflect the moves seen in equities, Treasuries, oil, gold, and global commercial trade.

A GMT has limited time, because of the constraints placed by the economic business cycle, and the 24 hour forex market is there whenever the desire arises to trade, or the signal triggers that a far off corner of the globe just made a financial move that can be accessed now.

With forex there is no need to watch the pre-market noise any more, and get frustrated that the day’s moves, that happen in response to something that triggered thousands of miles away and hours ago, are setting the tone for your regional market to open with all the juicy tradable moves already priced in.

TheLFBand Forex go hand-in-hand, we have been in forex since starting institutional trade in 1979, and in that time have never seen an independent trader be able to have such a level playing field in regard to being able to tap straight into the international market moves.

Technology and education will only go to flatten further the field that we all play on; the commercial market that established equity and bond traders frown upon as unclean and risky, is coming of age. Forex will never have that pretty looking edge, it is a commercial market used to swap goods and services; there is no need to dress it up, put some lipstick on it, on try to sell it, it is there to grease the wheels of global trade.

Forex traders will always have the edge in the fact there are only six currencies to really have to get to know, and any one, on any given day, will replicate the moves made in the sometimes over-hyped, over-analyzed, over-rated world of the prettier markets. We will take slightly greasy and industrial, over the beautifully presented, any day, and for that matter, any hour, or any minute in the Sunday through Friday accessible market that is Forex.

Global Market Traders are intelligent, forward thinking, and educated in their field of trade. The investments can sit there until stocks are swapped for bonds at the time of retirement, with the traded part of the portfolio getting a buzz from the new generation of globally traded markets, backed by the new generation of Global Market Trader.

Things have changed, there is a new rule book from the post-credit crisis era, and this is not your Grandpa’s market.