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Forex Trading: Fast Moving Yet Slow....

The leveraged world has a new rule-book, with all and sundry now looking for a play that is outside the norm, or offers better leverage. The number of investment and traded vehicles is now huge, and looks set to get even more diversified. The investment in stocks and bonds has no real peers, however, trading (not investing) for short-term gains that compliment the big-picture investment goal has massive currency based advantages.

The truth of the matter is there are very few forex based professional traders that have had a career trading, (not investing), in currency. The hybrid trader that now has a 24 hour market to offset their portfolio chugging along, has a great vehicle in forex, to diversify the percentage of the portfolio that is there to hedge losses with near-term trading.

However, hoping around like a butterfly with sore feet, from the dollar-to-the-yen-to-the-euro-to-gold-or-oil, is not something that can be done by many with much success. The nuances of currency literally take a life-time to absorb, and no matter the leverage advantages, forex is an arena that a newer, or non-professional trader, needs a mentor on.

Forex is a market that hedges forward commitments, commercially and in reserves, and as such tends to follow rather than lead, and that is also something that many fail to understand. The links are there, and they change with global business cycle variables, and those variables take time to learn, a lifetime really, considering that from trough-to-peak-to-trough is an 8-10 year journey. For a fast paced traders market, forex actually takes forever to really get anywhere, another thing that the butterflies tend not to get the concept of. Fast moving yet slow…..