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Chart of the Day: Crude Oil Review- Flat Momentum and Critical Resistance

Crude Oil Review- Flat Momentum and Critical Resistance

Overall View: Long-term bearish bias so long as the market trades below 81.95 resistance

4 Hour Chart Flows: Mixed Price Points: 81.95 Looking for: Top of Long wave B

Momentum: There is still a very flat momentum read to crude oil trade that has been in place since the 6th Nov. The 72.50 area continues to be a main price point, after sellers were held at bay recently around 69.50. The 80.50 area is the topside number to breach.

TheLFB Charting LinkTheLFB Charting: Crude Oil Elliott Wave view

Elliott Wave: Oil hit the 79.00 critical resistance zone over the past few sessions, and our wave count was re-worked.  We have an expanding diagonal trend line shown in a Short, blue wave A. Wave A found the lows at 68.50, where market reversed into a Long, corrective wave B that is searching for a top.

Wave B is a corrective pattern, where a zig-zag structure, with red A)-B)-C) labels, is shown. The current prices of the zig-zag pattern are trading close to the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement zone (78.70), where a top may get hit for a bounce into a Short wave C.

The bearish wave count remains valid so long as the market trades below the 81.95 resistance region. 

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