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Video Review- Global Markets Look To Wall Street

Excerpts from The Trader Advantage Program

Monday Wall Street trade gas seen a big speculative move out of the long side of crude oil and WTI ahead of the close of the NYMEX markets, in-line with a reversal at resistance on S/P futures trade that has proven once again that 1105 is an area that just has too many protective orders to break down in one session.

The last hour of recent equity trade in the U.S. has been packed with anticipation, expectancy, and volatility as books get balanced and debt gets squared away. That has lead to heavy reversals and additions to trade direction in the forex arena, and is a reason why, in the current phase of global business cycle trade, that targets need to be banked with a percentage of any exposure locked up.

The volatility as each regional session opens and then unwinds is a replication by trade desks of that same trading pattern; set your entry, adjust exposure, hit a near-term target, sell a percentage, lock up the Stop. The reversal of the short-dollar moves on Sunday/Monday will allow the laggards to buy the dips, so long as equity markets can hold support.

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