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Now, The Forex Markets Will Have To Move

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TheLFB is a premiere forex signals and trade desk support business that provides forex trading signals, client support and education material, high-quality and actionable global traded market analysis, and institutional quality daily client notes. These services are delivered via a trade desk technology support program that is scalable and available as an out-of-the-box solution to clients.

TheLFB offers CTA and FCM turn-key forex signal and virtual-trade desk technology support, website and MT4-charting support, and a forex-based on-line training academy with proprietary courses for all levels of client education.

currency-based support program has few peers, is well respected, and continually strives to improve the link that bridges the new generation of global market traders and investors to the free flowing forex arena. TheLFB trade team members have been active in global market trade since 1979.  

TheLFB maximizes a client's trading day with support that instills discipline, confidence, and structure, enabling the only daily variable to be market driven.
 TheLFB trade team articles and interviews have been published to,,,, and TheLFB trade team has represented futures products at multiple trade shows for Futures Magazine and the Inter Continental Exchange.

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