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START Treaty ! Please say NO !

President Obama is pushing the START treaty on the American people by way of the United States Senate.  He is hoping to get this done in the lame duck session.  President Obama wants to decrease our nuclear defense with out replacing it with a more modern nuclear defense.   This is a very dangerous course for the United States.

We should not be cutting our nuclear arsenal unless we replace it one for one with a new launching platform and warhead.  To do otherwise is to leave the United States and its friends and our citizens in harms way !  

It is important that you write your Senator and ask them to vote NO on the START Treaty with the USSR,  oops, I mean Russia.    

PS:  China is watching this closely.  And they are not cutting back on anything in regards to the military.  In fact, the Chinese are adding to their Nuclear Forces both battlefield and strategic.  The Chinese are adding Navy Ships including a future Aircraft Carrier.  They have added 52 submarines.  

You still want to cut  Unites States forces and defense?