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Easy Profits

|Includes: BX, Citigroup Inc. (C)

Citi is still a good stock.  I think there is lots of upside and little downside.  Just don't use money you can't afford to lose. 

The people running Citi Financial Auto are not very good.  This is a weak link to Citi.  I hope the CEO will take look at Citi Financial Auto and make it more friendly to its customers.  This department could end them up before Congress again.

Blackstone is another company that is good for different reasons.  The dividend is great.  And I think the firm is the best of breed in its business.  I liked it better when Pete Peterson was at least on the board, but Steve Swartzman is still there. If he leaves, I dump the stock. 

One can invest in the funds if one has money.  But, the stock if your like me and broke as heck.  So I am a tiny investor that has more knowledge than money. 

Disclosure: c long, bx don't own but want to really bad. Just need some cash.