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oft-cited $70-an-hour wage and benefit figure for UAW workers

in 2007, the average hourly labor rate was $75 for the Detroit 3

Toyota hourly rate of $47.

however - that is an unfair comparison, according to the Detroit Free Press states:

"The oft-cited $70-an-hour wage and benefit figure for UAW workers inaccurately adds benefits that millions of retirees get to the pay of current workers, but divides the total only by current employees. That's like assuming you get your parents' retirement and Social Security benefits in addition to your own income.

Hourly pay for assembly line workers tops out around $28; benefits add about $14. New hires at the Detroit Three get $14 an hour. There's no pension or health care when they retire, but benefits raise their total hourly compensation to $29 while they're working. UAW wages are now comparable with Toyota workers, according to a Free Press analysis.