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3 Euro Stocks With Rising Dividends

Screens by Jack Hough (Author Archive) 3 Euro Stocks With Rising Dividends

To secure healthy dividend yields and sidestep the ailing U.S. dollar, look to European aristocracy. I refer not to Windsors and Borbóns but to Nestle and Novartis, and to the 38 other members of the S&P Europe 350 Dividend Aristocrats.

Index members are decided at the start of each year by selecting those members of S&P’s Europe 350 index that have increased their dividends annually for at least a decade. If more than 40 companies turn up, S&P chooses the 40 with the highest dividend yields. If fewer than 40 are found, it eases the requirement to seven years of rising dividends.

This year through Friday, the 40 Euro-Dividend Aristocrats have returned 36%, besting the broader Europe 350 by 12 percentage points and America’s Dividend Aristocrats by 16 percentage points. Below are highlighted three Euro-Dividend Aristocrats. A full list may be found here.