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El-Erian's Book: When Markets Collide

I read El-Erian's Book When Markets Collide when it first came out. I implemented some of his suggestions in my portfolio. For the most part, I don't like EL-Erian's ideas. Some of El-Erian's recommendations are very macro (what he calls secular) - and I am not a macro guy.

I like El-Erian's suggestions EXCEPT for his use of private equity, macro bets and special opportunties. I can only assume that "special opportunties" means hedge fund strategies. El-Erian does a lousy job of explaining his asset classes. For example: is Real Estate domestic or foreign or both? Is Inflation protected bonds domestic or foreign or both? What is Special Opportunties?

El-Erian recommendeds that individuals allocate their assets using only index funds and keep the asset allocation fixed from year to year.

El-Erian Asset Allocation Model

15% in U.S. stock index funds

15% in foreign, developed stocks

12% emerging market stocks

08% in Special Opportunties

05% in Infrastructure

07% Private Equity stocks

05% in U.S. Treasury bonds

09% in Foreign bonds

05% in (U.S.?) Treasury Inflation Protected Securities

06% in real estate index funds

11% in commodities

Totals only to 98%