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Changes to 9 cures for gold fever

I am tired of writing about gold, so I will probably never update the article. In case I dont here are changes to article "9 cures for gold fever" 


This article is intended for the investors who are currently debating whether or not to buy or sell gold.  This article is not intended to convince the Gold Bugs.

In a world of only two choices dollar or gold, I'd buy gold. In the real world, their are other options.

valid concern about the accuracy of the US CPI. If you don't like TIPs, then don't buy them. Other options exist. this is NOT a rationale for holding gold, but rather a rationale against one of the remedies.

additional rationales used by gold bugs

1. Gold is one of the few stores of value that can be held physically. gold has no counterparty risk
2. Owning gold and silver coins and bullion is an expression of the lack of faith many of us have in government policy. It is money. It is also a defacto vote on destructive policies. It represents real savings and although it may not earn interest we are hopeful it will retain buying power for the future. Like squirrels storing up food for the winter, gold bugs want to know there is something of value on the shelf should truly bad days ever arrive. I err on the side of caution ensuring I have some just for insurance purposes. (Cameroni)