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2015 NFL Playoffs - Conference Title Recap

Sports related, if your interested... Go to original conference title post for pick'em, legend, stats and full comments. Go to original wild card post for playing against TOM (turn over margin differential) analysis.

This weeks review:
SU 2 home favs; 0 road dog;
ATS 1 home favs; 1 road dog

Pick'em to date:

Conference SU 2-0; ATS 0-2
Wild Card SU 2-2; ATS 3-1
Divisional SU 2-2; ATS 2-2

ATS: One home favorite, the Patriots, covered and then some. One home favorite, the Seahawks should have lost outright, and there's a DOH-lotta reasons why.

Note: Record with even or negative turnover margin is for 2014 season; home and away (total).

Conference Titles

Sun Jan 18, 3:05 EST FOX

GB@SEA -7 O/U 46.5

SEA to win and giving -7

Result: SEA 28 - 22 GB

Preview notes: The Packers inability to defend the run is problematic vs the NFL's #1 run game which will hold the rock 30 min+.

On Sunday with overtime, SEA TOP 31 - 32; Pass 228-178; Rush 194-135; TOM = 5-2 for -3 TOM! DOH! How did they win? Or should we ask, how did the Packers manage to lose. Answer: Failure to convert or close. Dee-tails below. FYI, I was fascinated by the shocking manner in which the Seahawks advanced to defend their Super Bowl title.

1. 1st Q with 11:32 remaining, GB 1st and 10 from SEA 29, After successfully moving the ball on the ground, Rodgers throws 3 straight times and kills their 1st drive with a 3rd down end zone interception. Repetitive and predictable DOH!

2. After intercepting SEA,1st Q with 9:11 remaining, GB 2nd and 1 at SEA 1 yd line. Stopped on 2nd and 3rd down from the 1, 4th and 1 opted to kick FG. If you can't make six inches on three tries.. Eunuch DOH!

3. After recovering a SEA fumble on the ensuing kickoff return, 1st Q with 5:10 remaining GB 2nd and goal at SEA 6 yd line. Stopped on 3rd down at the 1, 4th and 1 opted to kick FG. Again? Chicken in the pan pickin at DOH!

4. After intercepting SEA, 2nd Q with 8:29 remaining GB 1st and 10 at SEA 33, with a 16-0 lead and a chance to put the Squawks out of their misery, Rodgers is passing on 1st down, and gets intercepted. REALLY DOH?

5. After receiving their 5th turnover by intercepting SEA (for the 4th time) at mid field, leading 19-7 in the 4th Q with 5:13 remaining, (after passing on 1st or kicking FG's all game long, instead of running when they should have), the Packers decide to run the ball into the teeth of the Seahawks #1 run D on three straight plays for negative yardage, resulting in a punt. Are you f***ing kidding DOH!

An opening drive, that would have served as a punch in the nose, resulted in no points. In just the 1st half, three forced turnovers on Seattle's side of the field resulted in all of 6 points. A fifth turnover with 5:13 remaining should of sealed the victory. But DOH!

You know the old saying, when you have a dog down... If you don't finish him off, you finish outside. The Packers effort to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory was so Herculean, that you could almost forget about Seattle pulling these amazing feats off, with the Packers blessings as noted be-DOH!:

1. with 4:50 remaining in Q3, scoring a TD on a 19 yd pass from their Australian football rules punter, during a fake FG attempt. Up 16-0 with 20 minutes left, why are the Packers even attempting to block this chip shot? You don't want to run into the kicker, so stand back and wait for the obvious fake. The Packer coaching staff EEG is reading flatline DOH!

2. with 2:13 remaining in Q4; recovering a muffed onside kick. The chipped ball fell between Bosticks (who acted like he had never fielded any kind of ball in his life, much less in an athletic event) flailing arms, to strike him on his face mask! OMG, that was the Packer's "hands" team DOH?

3. scoring a TD 4 plays later with 1:33 remaining in Q4. Despite the GB special teams gaff, there's nothing quite like a "matador" defense that allows 109 yds from scrimmage on 11 plays, resulting in 15 points in only 40 seconds! Double Holy Haberdashery Batman DOH!

4. converting for 2 pts on a jump ball prayer of a pass that should have been batted down by the defender Clinton-Dix. Even the color commentator Aikman was blown away that the DB stood there watching the ball and did not attempt to make a play. Guess he should have bought a ticket to the game DOH?

Did you DOH? Previously, the largest half time deficit to be overcome in a conference title game was 15 pts IND vs NE in 2006.

Since 1970, teams with TOM -3 in the playoffs are, drumroll please 9-132 for 93.6 losing pct. The Seahawks are only the 7th team to pull this feat off as home teams are now 7-39 for 84.8 losing pct. Not to take anything away from the Seahawk's tenacity, persistence and ability to execute in the clutch, unlike the "Pack" of bungling cheese-DOH-heads they had as opponents on Sunday...

Essentially, the Seahawks handed the Packers a gift wrapped pass to the Super Bowl. Upon the Packers refusal of the gift and many a DOH!... Seattle didn't think twice about snatching the ticket right back. As Laverne said to Shirley: "A Society gentleman would only go out with you for one reason - to have a good time, a few laughs, and a little vo-dee-oh-doh-doh." Right about now, I'm sure the Packers know what OH-DOH-ing yourself feels like.

Sun Jan 18, 6:40 EST CBS

IND@NE -7 O/U 53.5

IND getting +7, but NE to win

Result: NE 45 - 7 IND

Preview notes: "With 13 giveaways, NE has protected the ball. With -5 TOM IND has not. Colts can't run, neither can the Pats, or can they? In the last matchup: NE 503 yds; 257 pass; 246 rush; TOP 34 min."

This time: NE 397 yds; 226 pass; 177 rush; TOP 38 min. and a TOM of +2. As we noted, unlike clueless Lewis (CIN) and Fox (DEN); Belichick would run and L. Blount did with 30 attempts for 148 yards. Also, the SEA like defensive numbers the Colts D had posted were vs Dalton and an injured Peyton; a healthy Brady dissected the Colts secondary. Not alot to say here, this was clinical as the Patriots executed and advance to face the defending champion Seahawks.

Did you know, after winning the Super Bowl, only 12 out of 48 teams have returned the following year. Can you name those teams? And to date, only 8 of the 12 have emerged with back to back victories. Can you name those teams?