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Some Good News And Bad News For My Seeking Alpha Followers


First of all, Happy 2018 to everyone! I hope this year is wonderful for all of you.

2018 will bring a few changes regarding my work on Seeking Alpha.

Here's what you can expect going forward.

The Bad News For My Seeking Alpha Followers

As many of you know I have had an ongoing arrangement with J. Mintzmyer at Value Investor's Edge over the past couple years to provide him and his subscribers a two week exclusive window for all of my work.

Starting in 2018 a vast majority of my work will remain exclusive to Value Investor's Edge meaning there will be a significant reduction of the content available to Seeking Alpha readers for free.

If you have enjoyed (and hopefully profited from) my work over the past few years I would encourage you to consider a subscription to Value Investor's Edge which is offering a free trial right now.

Now, I understand that a subscription to VIE isn't exactly in the cards for some of you, which brings me to my good news.

The Good News

Though much of my content will be exclusive to VIE going forward I will still be publishing a synopsis of certain articles that will be available to Seeking Alpha readers after the typical two-week window. These articles will be accessible by all readers and should keep you updated to a certain extent on the maritime market macro outlook.

More Good News, Hopefully

Over the past years I have taken a stab at certain commodity outlooks, which have proven to be pretty accurate. I have received numerous requests from SA readers and subscribers at VIE to expand my coverage to include the macro outlook for certain commodities, and starting in 2018 I will do just that.

Once again the majority of content from these reports will be exclusive to VIE subscribers but I will release brief overviews on Seeking Alpha for all.

There is no shortage of gold, oil, and gas analysis so the majority of these reports will likely examine some of the more under-covered commodities. Hopefully, I will be as successful with my macro outlooks here as I have been with shipping over the past few years.

Even More Good News - The Free Trial Is Back

Value Investor's Edge has continued to grow at a steady pace during 2017 in terms of members as well as adding additional value and content. But this additional value doesn't come cheap, therefore we are increasing membership dues to $179/m or $1499/yr effective 8 January 2018.

For a brief breakdown regarding changes expected to VIE in 2018 you can click here.

However, all members who sign-up prior to this date will get to keep the current pricing ($149/m or $1399/yr) for as long as they stay subscribed regardless of future price increases. Additionally we are offering a two-week free trial until early January, so that all potential new members can have a chance to see what the service offers before making any financial commitments. If you have thought about taking VIE for a test drive now is the perfect time.

Thank You

Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Seeking Alpha community. All of you have been so great over the past few years that I have been here and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to share my work with all of you. Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2018!

Kindest regards,