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Instablogs on Seeking Alpha

Instablogs are instantly set-up and networked blogs, customized for finance. Why start an "instablog" on Seeking Alpha?

  • Amazingly easy to set up. If you've already left a comment on Seeking Alpha or signed up for email alerts, you're already set up.
  • Customized for finance. When you write an instablog post, you're invited to tag it by stock symbol, and the side bar of your instablog allows your readers to see what you've written about stocks they're interested in.
  • Instant exposure. If you blog about stocks using a Seeking Alpha instablog, you're instantly part of a community interested in what you have to say. Your blog posts will appear on our quote pages, your instablog is promoted every time you comment on Seeking Alpha, and notifications of your instablog posts are sent automatically to your Followers. If you blog frequently, you may also appear in our Top Instablogs ranking.