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Twitter Resources for Investors

In A Rough Guide to Twitter, for Market Geeks, Kiplinger's Elizabeth Ody notes that "for investing geeks, Twitter can be a surprisingly efficient tool for monitoring the market's pulse".

Here are her recommendations:

- "The old media brands, which use the site exclusively to promote their own stories": The Wall Street Journal (, ( and Kiplingers (

- "Chatter central for thousands of day traders", aggregated by StockTwits (

- "Market news online" from the newswires -- business feeds from Reuters ( and AP (

- "My personal favorite falls somewhere in the middle of this range ["old media"and "chatter central"]. The site Seeking Alpha twitters timely market news and commentary (, with links that hook you back through the Seeking Alpha site, but then connect you to a story's original source. With some 800 followers, it's far from the most popular tweet around. But it's smartly selective in its choices of compelling stories to pass on. Kudos."

(For comparison, here's the original Seeking Alpha format of Market Currents.)

Thank you Elizabeth!

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