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Remarkable Twitter Usage Stats

From Robert Moore's Twitter Data Analysis: An Investor’s Perspective:
  • Twitter's user growth is no longer accelerating. The rate of new user acquisition has plateaued at around 8 million per month.
  • Over 14% of users don't have a single follower, and over 75% of users have 10 or fewer followers.
  • 38% of users have never sent a single tweet, and over 75% of users have sent fewer than 10 tweets.
  • 1 in 4 registered users tweets in any given month.
  • Once a user has tweeted once, there is a 65% chance that they will tweet again. After that second tweet, however, the chance of a third tweet goes up to 81%.
  • If someone is still tweeting in their second week as a user, it is extremely likely that they will remain on Twitter as a long-term user.
  • Users who joined in more recent months are less likely to stop using the service and more likely to tweet more often than users from the past.
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