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New Instablogs I'm Watching

Bill Downey -- independent investor/ trader involved with the study of the Gold and Silver markets since the mid 1980s.

Houston Ray -- private investor focusing upon diversified, long stock positions and dividend growth and income. Advocate of fundamental investment analysis. Uses technical analysis as confirmation / reinforcement. Use of options for income or downside protection.

Ken Monohan -- spent 20 years in various positions at various investment banks and trading firms. Extensive experience in risk and volatility arbitrage, market making, market structure, and legal and regulatory issues. Currently the Founder and Principal of Vizier Ltd.

Ryan Mallory -- co-founder of Shareplanner Inc, a financial website devoted to Day-Trading, Swing-Trading (both long & short) and exchange-traded funds.

Tupac Shakur -- the nom de plume for a portfolio manager who specializes in private equity investments. "Believes in the power of ideas over the cult of personality."

Chris Shenfield -- runs an asset management fund, Darvas Green LLC, focusing on various equity, real estate, and Latin American business investments. Also serves as Senior Counsel to Three Square Associates, a privately-held real estate and securities investment firm. 

Ethan Backus -- currently lives in Southern China and is passionate about stocks and financial instruments in China and Southeast Asia. Recently awarded the Confucius Scholarship by the Chinese Government to study at Yunnan Normal University. He is "currently fascinated" by what he sees as "a monumental bubble in real estate and other asset classes". Being fluent in Mandarin and having spent several years living in China has given him a unique perspective on what is going on in the world's fastest growing and most convoluted economy.

Detma Markets  -- 35 years trading the markets for major global banks and for his CTA – Brun Capital Management – and working for one of the world's leading hedge funds,  decided to pack it in and devote his time to research and trading his own account.

Bio Runup -- part time trader with a full time interest in trading BioTech stocks with upcoming catalyst dates, usually from the FDA (new drug or medical device) or a release of clinical trial data. Opens positions months before the catalyst date and sells on the hype before that date passes.

-- currently trades for a New York based multi-strategy hedge fund where his primary focus is on trading equity index futures.

Sheldon J. Wishnia -- principal and portfolio manager of S.J. Wishnia & Co., Inc., a fee-only registered investment advisor. The firm began as Seattle Trust on May 17, 2000 and was reorganized into S.J. Wishnia & Co., Inc. in 2005.

Al Vickery -- portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Strategist at A.L. Waters Capital Focused on Gold, Platinum Group Metals, Energy, and Alternative Energy.