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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

From 7 Sites That Will Help You Get Hired, by U.S. News & World Report:

Seeking Alpha: This website graciously transcribes public companies' earnings conference calls. That allows you to brush up on all the crucial, timely details about the company you really want to work for, giving you the kind of insight that can elevate a cover letter or interview. The more you know a company, the more hiring managers will feel your pursuit is a targeted one. And they like to be targeted. If you were, say, applying for a job at J.M. Smucker, you could listen to their most recent conference call and learn that sales of their new premium jam—made of "the best fruit" and 100 percent sugar—are exceeding expectations, and that marketing spending this next fiscal year will match last year's record marketing spending. Whether it seems relevant to the position or not, building a foundation of up-to-date knowledge is critical.
We've always believed that companies' earnings calls with analysts contain great information about their businesses, and are not only critical reading for investors but are also useful for business readers. So it's always interesting to see other people find unexpected uses for the transcripts.

You can find earnings transcripts on Seeking Alpha easily searching for the stock (transcripts are on quote pages) or going to the Transcript Center. And if you haven't seen it, try the powerful transcript search.