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EZPW Price Target at $16.91 with some upside

As I continue to hold EZPW in my portfolio with positive alpha, I want to set a price target for the stock to help me identify when the position should be closed.  Using the value scorecard as a start, I use a discounted cash flow (NYSE:DCF) analysis with sensitivity charts to help set my price target.

For EZPW, I have calculated a price target of $16.91 per share.  Some of the major assumption to get to this price per share are a 5% free cash flow growth rate over the next five years with a 0%  terminal value.  The cash flows are discounted with a WACC of 7.7%

To see my full set of assumptions and resulting analysis, see the document below:

DCF Summary

Looking at the sensitivity chart, these shares can easily get into the $20 per share with some slight increases on both growth rates...

As new financial results are provided, I will update my price target accordingly.

Author Disclosure: I currently own shares of EZPW at the time of this posting.