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Pristine Solutions, Inc (OTC: PRTN) Is AwesomePennyStocks (APS New Big Pick) So Will It Perform Like SNPK, NSRS Or GWBU?

|Includes: Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU), PHRX

Anyone with an eye on Penny Stocks has seen the incredible rise of PRTN today from a close of $0.225 on Friday to close to $0.40 today and already $20M in dollar volume in the first 1 hour of trading this morning.

Long before APS announced PRTN we suspected that this pick was AwesomePennyStocks due to the many factors that point directly to AwesomePennyStocks! The first of course is the dollar volume. There are very newsletters out there that can do $20M in an hour; APS is certainly one of them.

Another big indicator that PRTN is APS is this; Carrillo Huetel, LLP is listed as the attorney on Pristine Solutions S-1 registration statement. You might remember that Carrillo Huetel, LLP was also the attorney that took 2 prior APS deals public; SunPeak Ventures, Ltd (SNPK) and North Springs Resources, Inc (OTCPK:NSRS)

The 3rd indicator that points to APS is the stock structure which is structured exactly as they structure their picks; there are 650,000,000 shares authorized at $0.0001 par value and 418,000,686 shares issued and outstanding.

While some APS picks of the past did produce massive gains for investors such as Sunpeak Ventures, Inc (SNPK) North Spring Resources (OTCPK:NSRS) and Great Wall builders, Ltd (OTCPK:GWBU) they also had many speculation picks such as VLNX, AWSR, PGSY and RARS to name a few that spelled huge loses for investors.

Investors are beginning to ask; will APS next pick PRTN be as big as GWBU, NSRS or SNPK?

While it certainly could be I am cautioning everyone here on APS big time; I believe (and this is still not 100% confirmed) that the powers behind APS walked away after GWBU. So while an initial alert from APS will still bring massive volume into the stock one cannot expect continued support and intra-day promotion.

So that's my take on PRTN in a nutshell. Be very, very careful; I suspect that today is the biggest day PRTN will ever. Please make sure you are subscribed to so you get our updates and inside scoop on APS picks! is quickly becoming the preeminent destination for up to date information on the hottest stocks in Penny stock World

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.