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Will Pristine Solutions, Inc (OTC: PRTN) Be As Successful As APS Picks SNPK Or GWBU?

|Includes: Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU), NSRS, PHRX

It's been a wild ride for followers of AwesomePennyStocks (APS) famous for successful long term promotions such as Sunpeak Ventures, Inc (OTC: SNPK) or Great Wall Builders, Ltd (OTCPK:GWBU) both of which ran to several dollars per share.

Of course nobody can forget the disasters that are also attributed to APS such as VLNX, RARS, PGSY and several others. So now that PRTN has been trading for a few days investors are beginning to ask "will PRTN be as big as SNPK?

While it is still very early to make predictions, PRTN has much more in common with successful APS picks than the unsuccessful ones. First and foremost it's fully reporting OTCBB and since it has started trading the stock has been marked by huge support from WDCO as well as a slow steady rise over the $0.40 mark.

What made SNPK, NSRS or GWBU so successful over the longer term (several months during the stock promotion) was the multi-million dollar hard mailer campaigns (for GWBU was $5M USD) and we cannot assume the same will happen for PRTN however I would say the likely hood of a hard mailer on PRTN is excellent.

Currently PRTN is trading around $0.42 and in a story very similar to the now infamous SNPK they are marketing a Non-Hormonal Treatment of Hot Flashes in Menopausal Women Prescription Drug called Tropine. Just in the last few days they announced select details of a planned multi-phase multi-location clinic trial for FDA approval of the drug.

Conclusion: Just because NSRS, SNPK and GWBU exploded to several dollars per share does not mean that PRTN can do it too. However, if APS follows through with the multi-million dollar hard mailer campaign then it does have a chance. Just don't forget that PRTN is very high risk; although the rumors of a DTC Chill have been proved false, on a high profile stock promotion on this level anything is liable to happen.

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