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Great Wall Builders, Ltd (OTC: GWBU) Why The Big Drop?

|Includes: Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU)

GWBU is (APS) big pick that has finally collapsed today as we have been predicting it would for a long, long time now. Great Wall Builders operating as Start Technologies Europe I.G was at one point trading at a market valuation of well over half a billion dollars; Incredible when you consider that the Company has little assets and no revenues to date.

It was fairly easy to predict that GWBU would collapse for many reasons. First off, in today's tough economic times and tougher public markets it is impossible for heavily promoted stocks that have little to back up their explosive gains to hold these levels for long. The short interest which has become much more aggressive in recent years see these bloated turkey's as easy pickings.

In the case of GWBU however, one only had to know that this is an APS pick. By looking at their previous picks we can easily make a fairly accurate prediction on this one as all their picks follow very similar patterns.

Their last pick prior to GWBU was SNPK which has fallen to the $0.05 level. Before that their pick was NSRS which has also fallen to around a nickel. GWBU was promoted the same way the two prior picks were, via hard mailer and online landing pages and it traded very similar to the previous two as well.

Today was the day that the short finally attacked this one. While I suspect the next few days will be very volatile and the stock may see some nice bounces and trade opportunities we can rest assured that in a few months from now; GWBU will end up well below the $0.10 level. is quickly becoming the preeminent destination for up to date information on the hottest stocks in Penny stock World.

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