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Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (PINK: VLNX) Is Off To The Races. But Is This Really AwesomePennyStocks (APS) Pick?

VLNX exploded this morning from a start point of around a dime to recent highs near $0.40 a share on 300M + shares traded. Hailed as the long awaited APS big pick following in the footsteps of prior picks such as Great Wall builders, Ltd (OTC: GWBU) or SunPeak Ventures, Inc (OTC: SNPK) VLNX is off to an incredible start, trading close to $100M in dollar volume today. Spectacular by any means especially for a Non Reporting Pink Sheet listed Stock.

Wait a Minute? Pink Sheets? APS after all their success, famous now for their multi-million dollar hard mailer promo's is now promoting a pink sheet stock? Not only is it a Pink Sheet Stock (All official APS picks recently have been fully reporting OTCBB) it's priced well below the $1 level where they officially announced GWBU.

While it is widely believed by traders in general that Vision Plasma Systems, Inc: VLNX is APS next official pick I would be very, very cautious here. APS has a history of fake picks such as RARS and AWSR just to name a few (there have been many) that trade massive volume and provide huge profits for APS without them ever having to officially announce the pick.

I have seen the so called alert emails from APS affiliates such as the one's from AwesomePennyStocksMail or PennyPicksMail but both of those domains were recently registered and most likely have no affiliation with the real APS.

Conclusion: APS has a history of false alerts that have spelled huge losses for the investors that believed them. While I am not saying APS will not officially announce VLNX I am saying this is very high risk here, it does not follow the MO of a real APS pick, rather it follows the MO of another fake APS pick that will crash and burn just as quickly as it rose leaving a trail of bag holders in its bloody wake.

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