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Facebooks Failure

|Includes: Facebook, Inc. (FB), MS, NDAQ

As you all know by now, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) recently went public with an IPO price of $38 and one of the highest debut Market Capitalizations. It was expected to do great and that was definitely shown by Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) interest in the new stock Facebook (FB), buy millions of shares the company was excited as it might have found its new big investment. But many problems struck Facebook (FB) as it opened.

1. The first problem was that investors thought that Facebook (FB) was being too aggressive by setting its IPO price as high as $38

2. Morgan Stanley (MS) and Nasdaq (NASDAQ:NDAQ) had glitch's in the distribution of the stock. This left many investors without the stock that they bought prior to the opening.

---These two problems brought Facebook's (FB) stock to a halt at $45 dollars on that opening at it has only been going down ever since. Now Facebook (FB) is still looking into the management problems as it continues to go down and is now down to $31. And Morgan Stanley (MS) and Nasdaq (NDAQ) continue to looking into the distribution problems that they faced on debut of Facebook (FB).