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Why Investors Are Fearing The Market

The market these days is under extreme fear and has many reasons to fear. For problems with market Volatility

the CBOE Volatility Index is below the levels that would indicate concern among investors but is still above the average

amounts of Volatility the market is used to. Also there isn't much market momentum as stock prices have declined rapidly and

indicates that investors or fearful of the market and this can also be shown by the steadily decreasing S&P 500 and its

125-day moving average (125 MA). Also stock price strength is a big thing for investors to fear. Although the Net New 52-

week highs indicator is above 0, it is at the lower end of its normal range that shows the fear in investors as they are less confident in the market's health. Stock Price Breadth is another thing investors extremely fear and is shown by the McClellan

Volume Summation Index measures advancing and declining volume on the NYSE. It is currently indicating that investor

dollars are actively flowing out of stocks. These couple stats are showing that investors are scared of the market and will

continue to fear the market.