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Why Invest In Value Stocks?

Now when finding out what group of stocks you want to buy, the first two you think of are value and growth. Now you need to make a choice; invest in value stocks or invest in growth stocks. Now this can be a hard choice with many different people telling you different things and reasons to pick. But if I was only able to give you one good thing about value stocks it would be Stability:

Stability is a very important thing in a risky or bear market like the one we are facing today, and that means you need a stable stock. Now one thing that value stocks are known for are their stability in risky markets. That's why they are called value stocks, because they tend to have high value and keep their value high (most of the time). So if your going to base your choice on stability in a risky market, or any market, you should definitely pick value stocks.

Now doesn't that sound good stability in a bear market, well but there's another great thing about value stocks stability, they sometimes even growth over bear markets. Now this is not at all like growth stocks that usually have no chance in bear markets (as growth stocks need a good economy to keep on having growth). This is why value stocks are a very stable stocks to invest in. So I might just be another person trying to tell you about the good thing of one type of stock, but please just put the reason I just stated in the back of your head (at least) when you come to the time to make a choice between value and growth stocks.