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Time To Buy Gold?

|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), PPLT, SLV

We all know that Gold recently lost its status of being a safe haven, but does that mean we shouldn't buy it? Well if you said you shouldn't buy are wrong. Even though it isn't a good buy and isn't as safe as it used to be..(1) It is a good tool for diversification in a portfolio, like all other metals and precious gems and (2) It doesn't mean gold isn't safe. Now don't you think people might be over reacting when it came out that gold isn't a safe haven, that doesn't mean that it is risky. But saying that, it also doesn't mean that you should stock up on it, "all you need to do is buy small amounts of it with other metals..." as Ric Edelman (Founder of Edelman Financial Services and the Author of 'The Truth About Money') once said on his show. "It's all about diversification, without it, your portfolio is at a great risk of failing..."

So what have you learned from this: That Gold is great for diversification (you might have already known that), and that the media will over react. So just because it isn't a safe haven, it is always good to have gold in your pocket.