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Metals Outlook

Precious Metals

Gold, ever since reaching highs have been brought back down to the 1,400 to 1,600 range. The last time the metal reached up to the 1,800's, it was brought down by the media calling it no longer a 'safe haven'. It might be down but still good to diversify your portfolio.

Current Price: $1,619.40

Silver over the past year has been going down steadily. It still looks like it is in the same position as in the last 6 months, not a good buy. Though most metals are good for diversification, I wouldn't recommend investing in this metal.

Current Price: $28.82

Platinum has been keeping a small decrease over the past year. Not a good buy now due to historical trending analysis, but it might be good to buy in a couple of months.

Current Price: $1,463.10

Copper seems to be keeping a similar trend to Platinum over the past year, and I will recommend the same thing I did for Platinum. Wait a couple of months.

Current Price: $3.322


Overall Analysis:

Most of these metals are having trends in the bad direction but are good for diversification. Gold I would recommend a small buy now, and all the others, except for Silver (which I wouldn't recommend a buy for a while), are having bad trends now but are good to buy now for diversification or in a few months for best chance of income.