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Greek Elections: Good Or Bad

Yesterday the elections for Greece came out with the conservative party winning the election. This party will most likely keep the country from exiting the euro. Now the next question is, 'will this help the economy?'. Well let's start with, 'is it a good thing?' not that it will help the economy. Yes I do think it is a good thing for the euro, but that is one of the questions. Now to the first question. I think this will help the euro economy because the thought that they will be leaving the euro is much lower..But still possible. And that is the only thing that might keep them from coming back in economic health. That is the thought that if Greece does leave the euro out of nowhere and no one is prepared for that. It might be the #1 investor worry ever since the economy was created. If the economy starts going to great heights, and no one is prepared for a disaster and a disaster happens, what will happen to them? Well they will most likely lose lots of money and that is why you always you need to be prepared for the worst. But that can be hard in times of great growth or good times in life. And that worry is what you have to keep in mind when it comes to Greece, if they do leave the euro, no one will be prepared.