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The Best Investing Strategy

Now every investor looks for the best investing strategy for them to make some income. Now most investors are tricked by thinking they need to find a strategy in a short period of time but that comes from lack of patience. In the market patience is the key skill to have. Because without patience you will be selling a stock that has gone down 2% over 2 weeks but don't realize you bought it for a long term investment. Then you find that you sold it for a lose but if you waited another 3 weeks you would have been selling it for 1.5% return on the investment and that if you had waited 2 months 4.5%. You see the trend that I'm showing you. And there is one strategy that, if followed, will make you 100% sure you won't sell an investment at a bad time, and that is Buy and Hold. And it makes it so you do have a sure chance of gaining on almost every investment. But you can't insure that you gain on almost every investment, but you can because the definition of that strategy is to buy low and hold the stock until it goes up even if it takes years. So if you think about it, if you wait 5 years for a stock to go up then it is most likely that eventually during that time period it is going to go up from the paid price. And that is why it is such a great strategy to invest in a market that rewards patience. But people will say look at the 2008 crisis and see how many people lost money. Well think about it, if you held it for 5 years it eventually went up, also buy and hold is to buy low and hold. Well use that low price of stocks to insure that in 2 years it will go up because eventually the market is going up again. And that is the thought you have to have when investing in the market, 'if the market is way down over a 1 year period, eventually it is going back up, it might take 10 years but it will eventually go up.' If you invest with that thought and use that strategy you should be almost 100% sure that you will make good returns.