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Thinking About Writing

Hi everyone,

I am delighted to have benefitted so much from many of the Dividend and Dividend Growth writers on Seeking Alpha. Thanks to folks like - I started listing names, but there are too many of them - I have received a good, quick, more than basic education in dividend investing.

I am going to have some spare time on my hands next week and maybe the week after and I am thinking of starting to draft a quick story of my first year and a handful of months of first dipping my toes into dividend investing, then pulling them out and then jumping off the high dive.

I'll take my time. I can assure you than no one wants to read an early draft of my writing, but, by the time I get to the 3rd draft or so it can pass for coherent communication. It may not be that, but it can pass for it ;-).

I want to pass along a hearty thank you to many folks here!