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Why I chose the Iphone over Android based device

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), BB, GOOG

If you call having a blackberry curve 8330 for the last 4 years not being part of the smartphone revolution then I was a long time hold out. I simply didn't see the need to have an IOS, Android or a Windows device. As a professional I am ALWAYS infront of a computer and have access to the internet using my laptop. For instant notifications and access to email the blackberry did its job well and admirably for 4 years.

Now my needs have changed, where in the past I cared only about email now I care about the ability to make trades, video chat, send group messages,  have navigation, etc.

You're probably saying hey the Blackberry can do all that! and yes it certainly can as can Android and IOS devices. So in a marketplace where 3 competitors essentially offer the same functionality what is the differentiator? Why would you pick blackberry over Android, android over IOS? Why did I choose IOS over Android and Blackberry? 

What i have listed is going to sound basic and i'm trying to keep it basic so I can make my point else I would talk about auto wifi sync, iCloud, and 100 other things.

Everything in the IOS device is so well integrated because lot of the Out of Box functionality is all developed by one vendor (Apple). Siri can add new appointments on your calendar, send text messages, etc etc. Facetime can let me switch to video chat if I am speaking with someone who is also on an IOS device simply by clicking once.  IMessage to your friends (similar concept as BB Messenger but built right into the messaging platform so you don't have to worry about asking for the BB id first, the system just figures out it out for you)

Yes video chat is availabe on android and so is the voice technology but the seamless integration is missing. I value that and respect apple for thinking about the 90% of the things that matter to me in return for taking away some of my geekness and access to tweak things up (the case most android developers put forward)

Herd Mentality - everybody has it so I need it as well
Look, at the end of the day I got an iPhone because I want to have certain set of features (some of them were listed above in the integration section) and then exploit those features in a social world. I want to video chat without having to install another app, send text messages which don't cost me anything, etc.

over 80% of all my friends and acquaintences have an iPhone which means I can video chat, message and interact with them with no extra leg work of setup or new app. 

I appreciate Apple for thinking about those things and creating a product which satisfies the demand of the masses. 

There will always be things that IOS does not provide, that is why Android and other operating systems continue to flourish. But for the masses I can't imagine a better experience than what the IOS powered devices provide