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Energy Crisis? What energy crisis? America becomes net exporter!

Despite the surprise that this probably is to most people including me, the real problem is not finding the potential energy or converting it to kinetic energy. Humans will solve those problems with ever increasing technology and innovation. To wit: 

The real problem is what happens to the global weather systems as global temperatures adjust upwards as the atmosphere is filled with carbon, in various forms, from burning fossile fuels (carbon)?  Global warming is not a myth, the centuries old glaciers will be gone soon. The high correlation between CO2 ppm and temperatures is the indicator of billions of humans who now want to oxygenate carbon to get to work fast!   Think about it this way: Emissions of CO2 by human activities are currently more than 130 times greater than the quantity emitted by volcanoes, amounting to about 27 billion tonnes per year.[41]  source: 

And humans are not to blame? What happens when 1% of Chinese and Indians get petro-cars?

Clean water and food for 7 billion people will be no easy feat without lots more carbon emissions.

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