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India on the global scene

I landed for the first time in Mumbai in May 1997. I must have spent since than the equivalent of 70 weeks, and never regretted my commitment to India. I started covering India as the head of International of the New York Stock Exchange and was privileged, with my colleague Madhu Kannan, who is now running the Bombay Stock Exchange, to bring to the Big Board ICICI, HDFC,Wipro,Tata Communications, Tata Motors and  Dr. Reddy.

When I created Galileo Global Advisors, I naturally turned to India where I remain very active. The Tata Group is our most important relationship in India, but we are connected to the public and the private sector in a number of different ways.

Noticing that the coverage of India in Creating Alpha is substantially less developed than its Chinese coverage, I am initiating such a coverage. The purpose of this blog is to loo, with a critical but friendly eye, at the reality of India, and at its globalisation. 

Indian companies are substantial in their own ways and many of them are operating globally. 


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