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HLF Clarification Part # 1

|Includes: Herbalife Ltd. (HLF)

Ø Why had Carl Ichan sold 2.9 of his nflx stake during Sep 2013?

Ø What was his intention to hold 1.8? is nflx ok or not?

Ø Why had Carl Ichan bought 17M shares of HLF during Jan 2013 right after Bill Ackmans billion dollar short position announcement during December 2012?

Ø Why had George Soros decided to follow Carl Icahn's Pathway

Ø Why is Bill Ackman filing a law suit against the American Gov?

Ø What gave Bill Ackman the courage to buy Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac?

Ø And why was bill ackmans short position top secret until December 2012?

Ø Why is Bill Ackman looking so desperately on taking his" Pershing Square Capital Management Company" public upcoming quarter of the year?

Ø What happen to Bill Ackmans death blow against HLF end of July that turn out to re-gain all + $ 3 in addition from the drop after his death blow announcement?

Ø Also: what difference does it make for us as investors on any company when seeing an earning result not as great as the previous ones?! Is it good or bad?

Ø How come all investigations conducted by several Gov. agencies as a result of Bill Ackmans accusations against HLF where finalized and closed when there wasn't any type of findings relating to any type of his supposed accusations?

Ø What's lying behind Bill Ackman's intention on broadcasting on doubling his short position in HLF?

Ø Didn't Mr. Bill decide taking this position realizing the weakness of Herbalife believing price should fall taking the opportunity to profit from it?

Ø Why then let the public know about his decisions?!

One should think he should just Go and grab the opportunity for himself!!!

Ø Do we really believe he is intending to double his HLF short position?(like you believed his death blow announcement!!)

Ø Mr. Bill; you have such an opportunity; what are you waiting for?

Ø Do we really think the Value of Bill Ackman is above Carl Ichan & George Soros?

Ø Don't we realize Bill Ackman"s terrible mistake with his hedge funds money belonging to other people whom he should pay a very high price if he fail and will be forced to take the loss on it?

Ø Don't we realize how UN-secure Bill Ackman is on Investing?

Buying up Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac stake and now suing the American Gov?! Isn't that the greatest strategy to profit money?!!!

Ø Does Mr. Bill know any normal way on how to invest and profit other then short positioning?

Ø Don't you think he has his hedge fund creditors knocking on his door since December 2012 asking for results?

Ø Bill Ackman is the one with real reasons to Panic;

Ø Why should you join him? when he could eat the fruits he planted

himself?( or rather sharing with his creditors)

Let's clarify our heads clearly but with Facts:

Ø If we ask a child in class an optional question:

Q: What's the meaning of an investor?

A: Option number 1: a person who takes let's say 1 million dollar, buys a new business and blow it up the day after its purchase (before getting insurance of course) Yes / No

A: Option number 2: a person who takes let's say 1 million dollar, buys a new business after researching well the company and realizing its potential growth Yes / No

Let's be honest with ourselves; we all expect the kids to answer 2 over 1

That's actually the real investment strategies a normal and settled investor should do.

That's the way we should expect from the hedge funds holding our personal money.

Ø That's what's called Investment to the full meaning

Bill Ackman's investment strategies on short selling 1B Dollar in a company is like the answer option number 1

Part # 2 of this article should follow;

Here we are going to give you a small portion of HLF insights info along a small idea of what to expect in the near future based on historical facts;

In the meantime it is highly important not to panic but to be strong and hold all HLF shares.

1: Bill Ackman is desperate to buy back and cover PSCM hedge funds loss + his good name and is trying with all his power to destroy the company's value using his tongue with the help of the media, without any fundamentals instead of bearing the number … of his investments mistakes.(proof:[1 - regained share value+ same day his death blow was announced 2 - no bad findings where ever reported after multi conducted investigations])

2: HLF's earning results is the best ever in the history;

They met all the analyst's expectations,

Yet wasn't with such great value as previous since they are investing in advance research to go forward with the company's growth, and has no relations to any of Bill Ackmans accusations.

That's actually something to expect from every valued company,

Investing = expense costs which results with more profit at a later time.

That's should be the main reason to hold strong all HLF shares.

3: we have to realize it toke Bill Ackman a year and a half to get the earning result he was waiting for but using it with the wrong point of view for his own benefit?

4:Lets take a partial view on HLF's Ownership:

Ichan Associates Corporation Holds 17.0M HLF Shares

(owned by Carl Ichan / trading symbol "IEP: Nasdaq" closed today 112.36 per share)

Which net profited 800M in NFLX Stake still holding 2.8M shares of NFLX known as Netflix

Fidelity Management & research Holds 10.7M HLF shares

Capital Research Global Investment Holds 9.2M HLF shares

Capital Research Investors Holds 8.4M HLF shares

The Vanguard Group Holds 5.2M HLF shares

Soros Fund Management LLC Holds 4.7M HLF shares

And other well known investment hedge funds companies

we don't have to research that much Carl Ichan's history who holds largest HLF's Stake to find that he is a real professional investor who always profit from real investments; not from short selling then cry babying on the media. when seeing company's shares are sky racketing.

lets preview a performance on Carl Ichans decision to sell 2.9 NFLX shares past September

buying cost - selling price a year later

$ 58 p/s * 4.7M $ 330 avrg p/s * 2.9M

= $ 272,600,000 = $ 788,800,000

Carl Ichans Net profit on Netflix was 516,200,000,

Above that half a Billion net profit Carl Ichan's NFLX's current stake is worth 1.8M * 474 current closed price = $ 853,200,000 with no cost.

we see that HLF is seating on strong fundamentals.

5: according to the NASDAQ public records 27M has been reported at the end of July of which 20M Bill Ackman is accounted for which means only 7M additional short sold shares which is very small compared to all well known company shares in the market, meaning that no one believe on his short position value, and those 7M short sellers are taking advantage of his game to earn some extra cash and will end up eating from his fruits for following this path

6: Bill Ackmans creditors are banging on his door since December 2012.

7: at a certain point those institutions who had borrowed the shares for Bill Ackmans Short selling will want to see the end of the game and force him to buy all shares back in full (don't miss out the end of this article, the meaning for every HLF holder by the time it happens). Bill Ackman's time limitation is really short and almost at the ending point; Which explains his supposed double short position announcement.

8: Bill Ackmans real intention is to end this nightmare, not double it,

9: He wants all HLF holders to fall for his announcement; then panic in order to drop the price and take the opportunity to run out this mess he got in to it on the account of real investors who had good intentions with the best idea of where and how to invest.

Don't be his fool, Be firm with one and only strong decision, "Hold all HLF shares strong" and wait for enormous profit leaving behind the loss for all the short sellers,

Enjoy Desert:

Extreme important all HLF holders to remember: The best part for holding HLF shares is;

What will happen by the time all short sellers will realize their mistake and will panic to buy them back and all off a sudden it will become a buyback of 7M shares and the price could be risen $ 20 that day;

Then let's remember the aftermath;

all institutions will force Bill Ackman to buy back all 20M shares and another 30 up to 60 could be added to every HLF share.

it's worth Holding the shares a little longer with enormous profit,

Instead let the short sellers panic and eat the loss.

remember to advise all friends to buy as much of HLF shares ASAP,

this is going to sky racket in the near future.


Carl Bill Akman

Note: part # 2 should follow soon;

we are waiting for some important insight info straight from

Pershing Square Capital Management.