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Prepare for the Apple-Google War

It's clear that Apple and Google are preparing to go to war. There collision path will accelerate this year as Google ramps up Android and Apple prepares to sell the iPad.

The defining moment came last summer when Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple's board. Earlier this week, well-known Web developer Tim Bray  joined Google, and wrote in a blog that part of his mission was to take on the iPhone, which he thinks "omits freedom."

Bray may be right or wrong, but I think his principles demonstrates how Google and Apple have completely different agendas and why they are about to go to war.  Here's why they're set to clash:

1) Apple produces tightly integrated, closed products and doesn't like working with other companies. Google does the opposite: It preaches open products and interoperability.

2) Apple has the leading OS market share in smartphones now. Google is just entering the smartphone OS market with Android. So they will be looking to take marketshare from Apple.

3) Google is working on an Android-powered tablet computers which will compete directly with the iPad.

I belive that Android is real, and it's going to start getting more market traction soon (we'll have a comprehensive report next week!). As Google enters this market, it's going to bring the first real threat to Apple's dominance in a long time.

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