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Trading results 11/10/10

Great day. Best day in over a month.

My day started out with the carry over of LOGI being closed out at about 3am with a very nice gain. That was not the end of the day though as I had some other very nice trades. I ended the day with putting on a very large short position with TTM that I am holding overnight. Shares were not available with IB so I shorted Nov near money calls and a few Dec calls. I am actually writing the results in premarket and I can see that TTM is giving a lot of love so far as it is down over 1.40 a share. This should turn into a pretty good trade. I did start buying some shares to hedge at 33.35 so it appears I will have to give some gains back but I think this ends well from the look of it now.

AIZ + 1068
BJ + 100
GGP + 34
LOGI + 2275
PEGA + 297

+ 3774