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Trading results 11/16/10

And I thought yesterday was slow.

The market was moving but it didn’t give me anything that I wanted to trade. I managed to get a trade done today shortly after the open but thats all I was able to really get done today in trading. I did manage to talk to Hold Brothers today some more and each time I am more impressed with them. Currently trying to figure out how to get some features programmed with their software so I will be able to trade on their platform.
URBN 10m bar double overbought signal + 338 (traded this more than once but the majority was done in the first signal, second time was not much of a signal and closed it out)
BAC after news scalp and then simply went back to holding off until something bigger comes along. + 3

Watching GM like everyone else. This should be interesting on Thursday. Also looking at adding a lot more COCO as the price moved back lower
+ 341