Please Note: Blog posts are not selected, edited or screened by Seeking Alpha editors. I think is very difficult to get a refund from was one of the most difficult companies in getting a refund from. advertises on the home page that they offer hosting for $6.95 per month which I used or at least tried to use for my blog. What a totally painful experience. They say they offer an “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” and a low monthly cost but what you find is that they charge a minimum of one year in advance. While that would be fine if you can easily quit and get a refund what I found is that it took several emails and a demand that I provide them with information over and over and felt that the process was about stopping a customer from exercising a refund rather than any other purpose.

When I started with bluehost and added the phpBB and phpfreechat only to find that having 20 people in the chat would crash the system and bluehost would cut off service due to the “huge load” put upon it. I ended up paying for another chat system that was then hosted somewhere else. So much for trying to save any money.

It took me a while as it was not a huge priority but I ended up moving to another host a couple of months ago and found that the costs are now lower and the service is better. Glad I moved as I can now do what I am paying to do.

My request to cancel was made in October and by the time I was finally able to get them to refund my money in November they would only agree to refund based on the final date even though I had repeatedly advised them I wanted to quit and was no longer using their service.

Do yourself a favor if your looking for a hosting company and take a pass on bluehost as the extra frustration is not going to be worth the little bit you may think your saving.

Recording my trades here has been great and I highly recommend it for anyone. I think its important to look back and see what you were doing and why you did it and then compare that to what your doing now. I have really seen the progress in my trading when I take the time to go over the history.

Anyway, I am glad I am no longer with them