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Trading results 11/19/10

Another busy day and an end to a very good week.

No wammies this week as I closed out without a losing day and maybe (didn’t actually check) without even a losing trade. I did come close with LORL today though. It was one of those trades that had I waited for the setup I would have killed it but I tried to scalp it for the large spread and found myself almost spread doing it.
DLM turned into an ATM machine one again today after gapping higher today when it closed yesterday with a B9 signal. CPWM was a late signal trade that I stayed small with. CRM was a strong stock all day and with the gap up it gave me a short signal and I closed out a little better than normal but it is a big stock and I may have been able to make a little more I was happy to get what I did. EXXI played a lot of games with me and it just missed the B9 signal but gave me a double intraday 10m overbought but didnt pay off as much as I hoped for.
HIBB gave me a signal and I even sold the very top but I shorted 100 shares so I didn’t net a big gain but I did make a big per share gain.HNT was a long and I closed a bit early due to the amount of time left before the closing bell.

I have a bunch of COCO and some C options expiring this weekend. Some will be calling away some stock (mostly C which I will wait for a retrace below 4 to load up with again) but I will net gain COCO stock in my trading account and will be offering either the 5 or 6 Dec or Jan calls against. I am currently leaning towards the Jan 6 as I really like this stock.

I have been without stockfinder for a few weeks now and it appears I will have to get it again. Too many stocks appear to be missed that I think stockfinder would have caught and I wonder about how many stocks I would have traded that I simply don’t know about.

CPWM + 10
CRM + 286
DLM + 474
EXXI + 76
HIBB + 52
HNT + 49
LNG VIA OPTIONS + 17 (I am still short this and will have stock put to me resulting in being net short. It will be interesting to see what happens with this as IB does not have stock to loan me. I did cover 200 of 600 shares in afterhours but the other 400 in bids did not get hit. I will be trying to cover in premarket on Monday as I do NOT want to face how IB will take care of this as I expect they will not care in the least about my PnL)
LORL + 221 (as someone in the chat asked “do you have a horseshoe up your butt….I think I might after watching this trade)

COCO Nov 5 C + 24
COCO Nov 5 P + 78
I have a bunch expiring in the IRA accounts but do not count them here.

+ 1323