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Trading results 11/22/10

Great day but most of it happened right at the open

EXXI gave a gap up after B9 short signal and quite a ways beyond the entry in pre-market trading so I started to short it and scalped a little bit and built up the short. The price fell off the cliff as soon as it opened and 92 seconds later I was out of the trade all the way. That was the fastest I have made gains at that rate in a while. I didn’t get another one as good but I did get a few more trades today that were worth while.
TIN gave an intraday dual 10m bar overbought signal and I shorted it and made the target.
RVBD gave a B9 and did ok with it. I didn’t trade very shares with it and actually I didn’t trade very many shares at all today.
My weekend take home (via shorting calls) turned out ok but for all the wrong reasons. once again I ran out of shares (although I was able to short some shares) but I was able to short some DEC calls and did well with them.
MEE was actually a long as I heard the news before fly on the wall called it out so I thought I could grab a small amount and that worked out well. Someday I probably should get a bloomberg terminal and really have an advantage.
ROSE is an overnight short based on shorting above into the B9 signal.
EXXI + 1042

HPQ in after hours + 104

LNG + 9

LNG DEC 7.5 C + 117

MEE + 82

RVBD + 93

TIN + 54

+ 1505