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Trading results 11/23/10

Went through another trading halt today. That makes it two in one month.

Kids went to grandma and grandpas for the night so it is date night for me and my wife. As such I will make this kinda quick.
I am currently short GES which I expect to take a hit on tomorrow unless I really do have a horseshoe up my butt. I guess there is a chance it turns out ok but I can’t say I am very hopeful. I am also heavy short CRM which on the other side of optimism I am very hopeful will turn into a winner. I actually bought the puts instead of writting options on this trade. I have 12 contracts of the DEC 140P that I paid 5.50 for. Looking to make a buck a contract as the target but will be very happy with anything above 50 cents.
CMC + 45
GES – 16
JCG + 424
NUAN DEC 19C + 117
NUAN DEC 20 C + 132
ROSE was my overnight from yesterday. Covered shortly after the open + 229
SIG + 20
SODA + 164

+ 1119