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Trading results 11/29/10

Once again a slow Monday. I did have a few trades but nothing that really ran hard.

I did a lot of shares with AMRN and faded the gap higher. This would be a good example of how being with a cheaper broker would really matter. I had plenty of buying power left and used very little leverage when IB would not allow me to short any more of this stock. I am not really sure why this was but I had to adjust the way I was trading it and it cost me some gains. CEU was halted but not before I traded and faded the move lower. I didn’t get very big and expected further downside so I only scalped most of what I did buy. I did have 200 shares that did well and bring in the bulk of the gain. LEI was overdone and faded the move. I didn’t get to crazy with it as its not much more than a penny stock.
AMRN + 345
CEU + 89
LEI + 191

+ 625